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Bluebells in Staffhurst Woods, Merle Common, Surrey

Walking Meditation

There is nothing like walking through nature to restore, balance and harmonize yourself. The practice of walking meditation can be done indoors or outdoors. It’s not about speed or distance covered. It’s about your relationship to the experience. Here are some suggestions:

1. Set your intention (release whatever it is you need to release; enjoy the experience, accept what is.... your meditation=your decision)

2. Prepare your body by standing tall, shoulders back and relaxed, relax your hips, note the parts of you that hold tension and those that release easily. Take several deep cleansing breaths consciously releasing all you do not need and breathing in all that you do need

3. Become aware of the feeling of the earth beneath your feet, the way your foot hugs the earth; the way the earth holds your foot. What part of your foot feels supported by the earth? What part is not?

4. As you begin to walk and breathe normally, start to pay attention to the number of steps you take with your in-breath and with your exhalation. Notice any patterns. Notice if there is a pattern that you are drawn to

5. Start to notice the air around you and how it feels on different parts of you. Become aware of your senses: smells, sounds etc.

6. Notice where your mind takes you and the pattern of your thoughts

7. End your meditation when you feel ready - one way of completing the experience is to acknowledge it is done and express gratitude

Notes: Some people might find it helpful to think about each step: lifting a leg, putting down a leg, in conjunction with each breath: lift leg/breathe in; leg down/breathe out. Another aspect might be to think of the walk as a journey – beginning in one place and ending in another and you going through changes in awareness in the process.

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