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Reiki (ray-key) is a simple and natural energy healing technique for stress reduction, deep relaxation and chakra balancing. Through light touch, “life force energy” or Chi flows through the practitioner’s hands to balance and heal body, mind, emotions and spirit. Reiki is an intelligent energy that finds where the balancing and healing is required. It promotes inner peace, balance, wellbeing and security; helping all kinds of illness and works well in conjunction with other medical and therapeutic techniques. Reiki is simple, natural and safe; there are no negative side effects. The experience is gentle and subtle and the impact may be felt immediately or after a few days. Sessions usually last about 60 minutes, including assessment, treatment and discussion.


I also offer Reiki Classes to new practitioners - each level is a prerequisite for the next level. In Reiki I the hand positions for self healing and basic Reiki Priniciples are taught and the pracitioner is attuned to the first reiki healing symbol. In Reiki II practitioners learn how to apply Reiki to others and begin long distance healing and are attuned to the second Reiki healing symbol. After Reiki I and II, Advanced Reiki Training (ART) and Master Reiki Training are available.


"Healer Heal Yourself" classes are available for small groups of clinicians. Incorporating the principles of Reiki I and II, "Healer Heal Yourself" teaches practitioners how to restore, refuel, reallign and rebalance in a two-day program specifically designed for those who help others. 





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